January 10th, 2011


Mod Post #9: It's raining tags!

You might've noticed the addition of several new genre tags. They're going to be used to help further categorize our drabbles and make yet another way to navigate through them for our readers. They'll also come in handy for future contests that the community hosts.

Because of the new tags, I ask that everyone go back through their posts and add the proper tag(s) to them. If you have any trouble figuring out which genre your drabbles are, feel free to PM me (@ starry_nights88 and I'll help in any way that I can. If your drabbles aren't tagged by the end of the week, then I'll tag them in any way that I see fit!

While I'm here doing a mod post, I'd like to announce that prompt 17: doubt will be extended for another week since we've only gotten one drabble for it. Please get your drabbles in and be sure to pimp us out to any Twilight related community you post to. Tell your friends, your family, whoever just so long as you get us out there.

EDIT: Over one hundred entries have already been tagged with the new tags, so check and make sure the genres fit your stories and tag any other entries of yours that might not have been tagged already.