January 21st, 2011


The TwiSlash Drabble Meme


1.] Due to the fact that this is a drabble meme for twislash_100 please make sure that the couples in your drabbles and prompts are slash. Remember that femslash is more than welcomed too!
2.] All ratings are acceptable, but please make sure you clearly note the rating.
3.] All genres are welcome; angst, romance, humor, action, adventure, whatever!
4.] No seconding prompts! Comments that show this, will be deleted!
5.] If a prompt already has a drabble, don't fret! Write another if you want!
6.] Drabble Word Count = 100MIN – 500MAX but, of course, no one will be counting, so as long as the word count doesn't get TOO obvious…don't worry about it

How To:

  • When posting a prompt, make sure you include a couple and vise versa. Please try to avoid a prompt for any couple you want, I just want to see this happen! Pleasepleaseplease! or couples with any prompt like I just want to see some jakeward, oh please God! Comments like these will get deleted!
  • When 'filling' a prompt post the drabble as a reply to the comment of the original prompt. Once you've posted your drabble, you're more than welcome to share it with any other community or fan, but be polite and mention either the meme or twislash_100.
  • Each prompt gets its own comment. I don't want one comment with fifty million prompts. Comments like these will be deleted post haste.
  • You don't have to fill a prompt to post one, but it is nice to fill a few if you post a few.
  • REMEMBER: Pimp this meme and twislash_100!

    The TwiSlash Drabble Meme

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    The meme is CLOSED
    any new comments will be deleted. thank you for your particpation.