January 31st, 2011


Mod Post #14: It's closing time…

Today at 12:00am will bring about the closing of our first TwiSlash Drabble Meme. So in these remaining hours work hard to get your last drabbles and prompts out. Due to the success of the meme I'm looking forward to hosting future ones at a later date.

I'd like to remind everyone that there are several prompts that remain unfilled, be sure to take a look at these and try to write a drabble for them. If they are not filled by the closing time then they'll be added to the list of future prompts for our weekly drabble posts (which will resume on February 7th) to ensure everyone's prompts get a fill.

While I'm here, I'd like to give everyone a forewarning…next month is Valentine's Day and there will be a second challenge for the holiday. Further details will be divulged as the holiday approaches. And, now, for the last time…

The TwiSlash Drabble Meme