February 1st, 2011


Mod Post #15: It's Official!

No more prompts are to be posted on the drabble meme page! Take this as a warning, if I notice any new ones, I will be deleting them. However I am still allowing comments on drabbles to be left and prompt fills to be taking place, but please, if you make a fill…let me know so I can take the prompt off of my list.

Below you will notice that I created a list of prompts that weren't filled in the drabble meme. These prompts will be used for weekly prompts, though the couple option is no longer applicable (which is why the couples aren't listed). Posting will resume on Monday, so keep an eye out for that and our next challenge which'll be posted soon!

Thank you everyone for making our first meme a success and let me be the first to welcome any and all new members. We look forward to reading your drabbles!

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