February 7th, 2011


Challenge #2

Challenge Number Two

♥ Valentine's Day ♥

Theme One Theme Two
Valentine's Day Anti-Valentine's Day


  • Each writer must choose one theme!
  • Each drabble must be between 100 and 250 words. For once, I will be checking the word count and any drabble over or under will not be qualified.
  • Each theme is open to the author's interpretation.
  • Each drabble must be rated and rated properly!
  • Writers can submit up to two drabbles, but each drabble must be a different theme. (Simplified: Everyone can submit two drabbles, one for each theme listed above)


  • Completed drabbles must be emailed to me by Thursday, February 10th
  • Drabbles will be posted and voting will begin on Friday, February 11th
  • Results will be posted on Valentine's Day aka, Monday, February 14th.


  • First Place (The drabble with the most votes): Nifty banner/icon and bragging rights
  • Second Place (The drabble with the second most votes): nifty banner
  • Third Place (The drabble with the third most votes): icon

    icons and banners will be made by either myself or fanfiction4diva, one of us will contact you and discuss the icon and/or banner to be made.

    Entries must be emailed to


    please include this in your email along with the proper html in your drabble: