February 14th, 2011


Challenge #2: Valentine's Day (Results)

Even though there were few votes, there was one clear winner in our little drabble challenge and that honor (I'm proud to say) goes to yunho for the drabble Ninety-Three. As first place winner you'll receive a shiny new banner and icon. Please contact me (at starry_eyedstar@hotmail.com) to arrange your banner and icon (I, after all, want them to be personalized for you).

Two other drabbles received votes and tied for second and third place, so there'll be another poll (posted below) to figure out the winner of each place. This poll will only remain open for 24 hours, so please vote now.

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This poll is closed.

Which drabble did you like more?

Secret Admirer
this is how a heart breaks

Prompt 18: Photograph

Today is Monday February 14th, 2011 and the new prompt is…Photograph!!!

You are charged with using this single word as inspiration in a one hundred word drabble. The word itself can be used or whatever thought, feeling, or theme it invokes. Be creative! Be productive! And, most importantly, have fun!!


Subject Line:

The new prompt tag for this week is prompt 18: photograph. If your couple/genre is not in the tags, please make a note on your entry so a tag can be added. If you've written your tenth drabble and would like an author's tag, please check out this entry.