April 5th, 2011


Prompt 24: Home

Today is Tuesday April 5th, 2011 and this post is late the new prompt is…home!!!

You are charged with using this phrase as inspiration in a one hundred word drabble. The phrase itself can be used or whatever thought, feeling, or theme it invokes. Be creative! Be productive! And, most importantly, have fun!!


Subject Line:

The new prompt tag for this week is prompt 24: home. If your couple/genre is not in the tags, please make a note on your entry so a tag can be added. If you've written your tenth drabble and would like an author's tag, please check out this entry.

Mod Post #21: I'm in need of opinions…among other things…

First and foremost, as I'm sure most of you are aware, livejournal was pms-ing today and that'd got a lot to do with why the prompt post was late for this week. Instead of having a week to write your drabble(s), you'll instead have six days. I'm sure you guys can manage. :)

The next part of this mod's post is a little poll that I need each of you to answer so I can better choose prompts for you guys to do since participation has been, well, nil last prompt. Please don't ignore this poll, do it so I can start cleaning up your prompts and get some great drabbles out there.

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In other news...

twilight_las is still open for new writers for their next round of competition, if you're interested in joining up for the next round, check out the Rules, FAQ, and Sign-Up pages. If you have any questions about twilight_las or the sign-up process, please contact me or needtakehave.