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Prompt #29: quote3 "By Any Other Name" [Jaspeth]

Title: By Any Other Name
Couple: Jaspeth
Prompt: #29: quote 3
Word Count: 189


After nine months Seth was finally holding the little being that had been growing inside him in his arms. The baby had his black hair, lots of it, and from what he had seen so far Jasper’s golden eyes. He didn’t understand the golden eyes since the baby hadn’t had any blood yet but there were a lot of things concerning this baby that he didn’t understand.


Looking up his smile widened. “Jazz, come look! It’s your son.” Jasper was at his side in an instant and Seth folded the blanket back away from the baby’s face. “He has your eyes,” he whispered. “Isn’t he beautiful Jazz?”

Jasper pressed a kiss to Seth’s temple. “He is. What should we name him?”

Seth stroked the baby’s soft cheek. “What do you think of Luka?”

“Luka? Luka…” Jasper tested. The baby squirmed a little, giving a small cry. “Luka,” he said again. This time the baby started to cry and Jasper grinned. “I think that’s a yes. Luka.”

“You think it’s coincidence?” Seth questioned as he rocked Luka trying to stop his crying.

“I don’t believe in coincidence,” Jasper replied.

Tags: author: avari_maethor, couple: jasperxseth, genre: general, prompt 29: quote 3

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