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[The Wolf and The Vampire] Drabbles 01-05


I'm new here and happy to join this community! For my first entry, I've made
5 drabbles! Enjoy!

Title:The Wolf and the Vampire
Prompt: 01 to 05
Word Count: 100 each

The Wolf and The Vampire 01-05

Everything began by a dinner, for bury the hatchet. Bella asked them to make peace. None of them wanted too but they love her too much to deny her something. They went to Seattle for that dinner. And the incredible has happened. They’ve been enjoying each other’s company. The men were cold during the hors-d’oeuvres; they opened up a little during the entrées, by the time of the main course, they cracked jokes about annoying siblings/packmates. They didn’t even know they were flirty when the dessert came. Edward almost tasted the chocolate on Jacob’s tongue and he really liked it.

He could hear them. The whispers. It was normal; he was a vampire after all. But he was annoyed. A lot. Alice and Bella were plotting, something to seduce him. He sighed. Bella was pushing and pushing and he didn’t want to let his beast unleashed. Why they found this too hard to understand? This wasn’t a girl thing because Esme and Rosalie found this very thoughtful of him. Rose didn’t use these words but the meaning was the same. He neglected the women’s whispers to thought about the ones that Jacob murmured when they made love the other night.

Sweat. Jacob was covered in it. The wolf hated that. He ran under his human form because he didn’t want any of his packmates inside his head. Particularly when he was thinking about his sexy leech. He loved Edward, really loved him. And this didn’t frighten him. It was almost the natural way to take. Edward got them a little apartment and Jacob decided to take a shower. He heard the front door and slight footstep on the floor. Cold arms surround his waist. Finally, sweat isn’t that bad if it’s mean that Edward ended up as wet as him.

He didn’t know how it happened. One minute he was here, thinking about his Jacob and the other, Alice squeeled and tell them that she’s so happy for them and they didn’t have to worry, she would be take care of everything. It’s not often that he was caught off guard but, damn it, he couldn’t remember what she was talking about. Bella smiled at him, but he didn’t return the smile. Bella frowned but let it go. She and his sister were plotting. Hearing what they were talking about, an apprehension filled him. Jacob wouldn’t like that at all.

I had had to be a very bad person in my previous life. Bella called me to tell me the good news. She’s going to be married to my Edward. It had to be a joke. I was in my bedroom, thinking about what to do. No way that I turn into the other man. No way, that I wait for Edward to come to me only when he was bored and Bella wasn’t here. We were agreeing that Edward had to grow more distant from her and not to break-up directly but it seems that not going to happen.
Tags: author: uld_ases, couple: edwardxjacob, genre: general, genre: romance, prompt 1: dinner, prompt 2: whisper, prompt 3: moist, prompt 4: commitment, prompt 5: atonement

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