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[The Wolf and The Vampire] Drabbles 06-10

Title:The Wolf and the Vampire
Prompt: 06 to 10
Word Count: 100 each

The Wolf and The Vampire 01-05

This should have been our movie night. But Jacob didn’t come or call or anything. I knew Bella told him that we were going to be married. And it took everything I have for not killing her. Jasper looked at me and took me outside. He told me that he knew my love for Bella faded and asked me why I didn’t say anything. I said that I didn’t want to be too abrupt with Bella and then, his wife came with this stupid wedding. I hoped that, for Jacob and I, everything would finish like his stupid romantic movies.

Everything was marvellous. I had my friend, Jake and my fiancé, Edward and suddenly, everything was taken away from me. Edward said he never wanted to marry me. In fact, he searched a way to broke up with me without hurt me too much. I told him that he was a liar, that he promised that he would never leave me. He said something stupid like he always would be my friend, that their door was always opened to her. She didn’t want to be just a friend! Her fear was forgotten, hatred was the only thing she could think.

His Jacob had left. He was gone. None of the Quileutes knew where he was. It wasn’t possible. He couldn’t leave him! He needed him! A cry came out from his mouth but Edward wasn’t fully aware of it. The pain was the only thing he could feel. Why his Jacob wasn’t here? The Cullen never saw Edward in a such state. They all were worried. Rosalie took Alice apart and they could hear them fight. Alice came back with a haunted look while Rosalie was concerned by her brother. Edward was broken and they didn’t know what to do.

Alice took her decision the moment she saw her brother. She didn’t want to hurt him. Without telling someone, she left, hoping to find Jacob and make amend to her brother. Looking for a hint on Jacob’s position, she recognized something and she smiled. Without a warning, she run until her destination. All day, she never stopped running. Her mission was her priority. She could have screwed up Jacob and Edward’s relationship but she was on the way to fix it. More she approached, more she was careful. Then, Jacob stood in front of her and she wanted to cry.

Jacob always liked the snow. It was pure, cold, beautiful. Like Edward. Jacob made a broken sound. He wanted his Edward. It was too painful without him. He asked to himself if Bella could feel the cold made by Edward the same way he did. It was a nice cold, like when you got a fever and someone put a wet cloth on your forehead. Something that made you feel better. He was so tired. He couldn’t eat anything. He just run, run and run more. Looking at the sparkling snow, he thought that dying wasn’t that bad after all.
Tags: author: uld_ases, couple: edwardxjacob, genre: angst, genre: hurt-comfort, genre: romance, prompt 10: snow, prompt 6: movie, prompt 7: fear, prompt 8: broken, prompt 9: decision

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