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[The Wolf and The Vampire] 16-20

Title: The Wolf and the Vampire
Couple: Jacob/Edward, Leah/Alice and Seth/Jasper
Prompt: 16 to 20
Word Count: 100 each

The Wolf and The Vampire 01-05
The Wolf and The Vampire 06-10
The Wolf and The Vampire 11-15

 When the wolfpack learnt about Bella’s accident, they didn’t believe it at first. Then they asked themselves if it really was an accident. Edward and Jacob felt guilty. Even if a lot of people told them that wasn’t. Even Charlie. Her car was burned at crisps, but, no body was found. It was a light of hope for the Sheriff. The pack and the Cullen looked for her, she was known for her clumsiness. Unknown to them, a pair of red-eyes looked them coldly. It was their fault, they were going to pay. Wolves were an evil that should die.
Alice and Jasper talked. Something had happened. Something made them doubt. Until a few weeks ago, they were very happy together and now, they felt like they cheated. On who, they didn’t know, but it was what they felt.
“You feel it too?” Alice looked at her husband.
“Yes. I thought we were mates?”
“I’m not sure anymore. We’re still Cullen, but more like best friends than lovers.”
“So, who are our real mates?”
“I think they’re shifters. It’s clouded.” They got lost in their thoughts. They decided to tell everyone about their divorce. Hoping their mates would show up.
 It took him by surprise. He didn’t expect to found one here, but when he did, he couldn’t help it, he trembled. He got out of the house before he shifted. He ran until he thought he was far enough. Leah lent a book about the Quileutes at Carlisle. Everyone was in the living room. A paper fell from the book and Seth took it. It was a photograph of his father, with Seth and Leah, they were all smiling. Seth let it fall again and left. Without a warning, they saw Jasper following him and right then, Alice knew.
19-A peck of Vampirism
 Her lungs craved for air. Her heart stopped beating; she felt the cold going through her body, making her shivers. And yet, her body was burning. She could feel every nerve, every cell composing her body. It was indescribable. It was painful. And then, it was gone. She opened her eyes, drinking at the view that met her eyes. It was different, but very good nonetheless. Her nose took a scent of daisies. The smell of Innocence. This wasn’t planned but very welcomed. She wanted it for a while. Leah kissing Alice was the fucking better thing that never happened.
He followed the young wolf, trying to not be detected by him. It was easier since Seth seemed to be lost in his thoughts. They stopped after one hour of running. Seth collapsed on the ground and Jasper felt nothing coming from him. The young boy was numb.
“I know you’re here. I miss him. Of course, Leah was a daddy’s girl but, sometimes, I need him and his wisdom.” Jasper didn’t know what to do. Using his power would be a shame. He took Seth’s hand in his, moving his thumb through Seth’s palm. They enjoyed this little caress.
Tags: author: uld_ases, couple: edwardxjacob, couple: jasperxseth, couple: leahxalice, genre: general, genre: romance, prompt 16: wolfpack, prompt 17: doubt, prompt 18: photograph, prompt 19: a perk of vampirism, prompt 20: caress

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