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[The Wolf and The Vampire] 26-30

Title: The Wolf and the Vampire
Couple: Jacob/Edward, Leah/Alice, Seth/Jasper, Quil/Embry
Prompt: 26 to 30
Word Count: 100 each

The Wolf and The Vampire 01-05
The Wolf and The Vampire 06-10
The Wolf and The Vampire 11-15
The Wolf and The Vampire 16-20

The Wolf and The Vampire 21-25

The newborn was a fine addition to her army. Irina looked around her. Victoria  smiled.
“It’s impressive Irina. Changing Bella was the best idea you’ve never had.” Bella’s shield surrounded the little army. No one could see them, what they were doing, what they were plotting. “They’ve killed Laurent. They have to pay, Irina.”
“I know. You can do anything to the Cullen, for me, they’re dead.” Bella agreed.
“Jacob and Edward need to pay the humiliation they made me live. It’s disgusting. They’ll be mine, or they’ll die.” Yes, for the three women, their alliance would be all benefits.
27-Finding home
“What do you mean, broken?”
“Mum is wiser than I thought. She told me than I need to go home. And I understood that you’re my home Embry. Everything I learn, everything that make me sad or happy, I want to share it with you. I want to see your face first when I woke up and when I fall asleep; I want you to come to me when you’re angry or excited, or anything. You’re everything I ever wanted, everything I ever needed. Home is where the heart is and my heart always has belonged to you.” Embry smiled.

He was weak, he knew that. Since Victoria bit him, he did everything the beautiful vampire asked to him. But now that he heard them, thanks to his coven mate’s power, he began to doubt. And he knew he wasn’t alone. Some of them are strong enough to think correctly. Riley reunited them in a small room, far from the others. There were Fred, Bree, Diego, Doug and Adam; the fiery Rubens and finally the couple Shelly and Steve. He explained them everything and if he didn’t promise them freedom, he was sure he would be dead. They left quickly.
29-“I don't believe in coincidence.”
Founding the Cullen’s territory wasn’t that hard. Founding themselves in front of giant wolves wasn’t expected.
“We’re not here for causing troubles; we’re here to warn you. Victoria is building an army to kill you.” The wolf howled and, few minutes later, two vampires came to them. The copper headed looked at the russet wolf.
“I don’t believe in coincidence. We killed Victoria’s mate. I was stupid to think that she would let us alone.” The golden eyes looked at the coven’s leader. “Who are you?”
“I’m Riley Bears, ancient second of Victoria.” The coven was led to the mansion.
Edward thought about the new coven. They were nice and so willing to learn to be vegetarian. Even Jasper never saw newborns so controlled and they took pleasure to follow him everywhere. The poor Major didn’t know what to do with all this attention. Rubens, in particular, was flirty with him without any limits of decency. It took the Major to calm him down after a hurting sentence toward Seth. Decency seemed a lost concept recently. Alice and Leah were making out on the couch. He didn’t want to think about his parents. He walked into his bedroom and gasped.
Tags: author: uld_ases, couple: edwardxjacob, couple: leahxalice, couple: quilxembry, genre: general, prompt 26: benefit, prompt 27: finding home, prompt 28: weak, prompt 29: quote 3, prompt 30: indecent

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