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Prompt #37: chocolate "Evil" [Jacob/Seth]

Title: Evil
Couple: Jacob/Seth
Prompt: #37: chocolate
Word Count: 164


Jacob had never noticed Seth’s lips until now. They were full, quick to lift in a smile and… wrapped around a chocolate covered strawberry. The chocolate was melting under the heat of those lips. After swallowing the bite he had taken Seth’s tongue poked out, licking the melted chocolate from his lips.

“What are you staring at Jake?” Seth questioned as he picked up another strawberry.

“You’re evil,” Jacob said avoiding the question.

Seth blinked big, innocent, brown eyes at him. “Evil?” He took another bite from the strawberry in his hand.

Jacob couldn’t take it anymore. He closed the short distance between them, pressing their lips together. He was aware of the surprised noise Seth made but it just gave him the chance to taste Seth further. As their tongues touched Seth melted into the kiss, even returning it. When it broke they were both panting.

“I…” Jacob started.


“Uh… yeah?”

Seth smiled. “Let me show you how evil I can be.”

Tags: author: avari_maethor, couple: jacobxseth, genre: drama, prompt 37: chocolate

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