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Prompt #33: laugh "A Baby's Laughter" [Jasper/Seth]

Title: A Baby’s Laughter
Couple: Jasper/Seth
Prompt: #33: laugh
Word Count: 167


Jasper entered the house as quietly as possible. It was extremely early and he knew that Seth and Luka would be asleep. At least… they should have been. As he walked through the living room Jasper heard childish laughter. With a raised eyebrow he changed his course from the bedroom to the nursery. The scene that Jasper found there melted his heart.

Seth had fallen asleep in the rocking chair, his head falling low on his chest. Luka, their year old son, was standing in his crib, laughing. What Luka found so amusing was beyond Jasper, he could only bask in the pure happiness that was radiating from his son.

Finally gaining some control Jasper walked over to the crib and picked Luka up, which got him another round of laughter. “Did Daddy give you a laughing pill my little Luka?” Jasper murmured cuddling him.

“Daddy!” Luka exclaimed with a giggle.

“Daddy is trying to sleep,” Seth muttered but there was a smile growing on his lips.

Tags: author: avari_maethor, couple: jasperxseth, genre: humor, prompt 33: laugh

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