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[The Wolf and The Vampire] 31-35

Title: The Wolf and the Vampire
Couple: Jacob/Edward, Leah/Alice, Seth/Jasper, Quil/Embry
Prompt: 31 to 35
Word Count: 100 each
Rating: M

The Wolf and The Vampire 01-05
The Wolf and The Vampire 06-10

The Wolf and The Vampire 11-15
The Wolf and The Vampire 16-20
The Wolf and The Vampire 21-25
The Wolf and The Vampire 26-30

31-Picture 01

Jacob was on the floor, half-naked, drinking a bottle of water. His eyes turned finally on the vampire in the doorway. He gave a half-smile and kept drinking his water, his head leaned backwards; few drops found their way out and went down his chin, his neck and his abs. Edward’s eyes went dark and he growled just before jumping on his mate. He didn’t even take the time to undress totally. He penetrated his mate, surprised to feel him ready.

“You plotted that, don’t you, bitch?” Edward slammed hard into his lover, growling contently and forgetting the open door.

32-Wolf pride

They decided to top or to bottom when they felt like it. And Jacob wanted Edward to possess him. He didn’t think that it would be so easy though. Edward complained enough about him always walking half-naked but Jacob knew that his lover absolutely loved to see him like that.

“Fuck, Edward, harder!” He fucking loved to be a shifter. Edward could go as hard as he wanted and Jacob could let his nails showing their appreciation about Edward’s behaviour. Once done, they saw the door and heard Emmett joking about doggy-style. Jacob only smiled, beaming and bursting with pride.


Seth was ticklish, Jasper learned. That could be a little bit awkward.

“I’m so sorry. Oh God!” Seth had a fit of the giggles and Jasper was grinning like a crazy man. After few minutes, Seth was finally good enough to take a deep breath and calm down. Jasper was cuddling with him.

“Why are you sorry?”

“Well, I suppose this wasn’t what you expected.”

“Don’t worry, I liked it. Make me remember when I was human. I like to feel your moods. Make me happier.” Seth kissed his lover and the noises heard after that, were definitely not laughs.


She didn’t know why her mate called that a sleepover since she was the only girl who could sleep but if it could make Alice happy, she would call that, a sleepover.

“This will be awesome!” Leah rolled her eyes but smiled at her mate. Suddenly, she felt Alice’s cold lips on hers and she moaned. Her little hands were on her belly, slowly working her way to her breasts. Leah lifted up Alice, who wrapped her legs around the she-wolf. Kissing became groping which became making-out. And now that their tops were on the floor, they heard a knock.

35- Tuesday 3am

From Alice’s few visions of the aftermaths and the Bears’ Coven knowledge, they had determined that the newborn’s army would attack soon. It was a Tuesday, at 3 am, that the fight begun. Protected by Bella’s shield, three women looked from a distance. Soon, however, they realized that they were losing. Irina decided to fight the wolves, unknowing that her family was here. It was Tanya who saw her first, preventing her to attack Embry.

“Irina? What are you doing?”

“They’ve killed Laurent, they have to pay.” Tanya knew, at this moment, that her sister was gone.
She killed her.

Tags: author: uld_ases, couple: edwardxjacob, couple: jasperxseth, couple: leahxalice, couple: quilxembry, genre: erotica, genre: general, prompt 31: picture 1, prompt 32: wolf pride, prompt 33: laugh, prompt 34: sleepover, prompt 35: tuesday 3am

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