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[The Wolf and The Vampire] 36-40

Title: The Wolf and the Vampire
Couple: Jacob/Edward, Leah/Alice, Seth/Jasper, Quil/Embry
Prompt: 36 to40
Word Count: 100 each
Rating: M

The Wolf and The Vampire 01-05
The Wolf and The Vampire 06-10

The Wolf and The Vampire 11-15
The Wolf and The Vampire 16-20
The Wolf and The Vampire 21-25
The Wolf and The Vampire 26-30
The Wolf and The Vampire 31-35


Victoria wasn’t one for plotting. She was more an “escaping” person. But she knew that the time had come. It was her chance to get her revenge for James’ death. She came close to Edward who fought with the russet wolf by his side.

“Time to die, Mister Cullen.” The wolf was angry; no one threatened his mate without suffering the consequences. She was avoiding the big wolf and his mate’s attack but they were a too good team. It wasn’t long until she died, her head cut off from her body. After putting her body on fire, they continued.


They couldn’t believe it. Of course, Riley had told them, but to see the red-eyes, the same eyes that once had been coloured chocolate, looking them with anger and hatred, they couldn’t help it but to feel sadness.

“Bella...” Alice didn’t understand why and how, she became like this.

“You disgust me! I was the special one! Edward’s singer! I should be married to him! And you...” She almost spit on Jacob “... I could have probably let you the job of guard dog...”

Leah never loved Bella Swan and she saw an occasion. She jumped, ready to kill her.

38-Wolf pride

Pride was a good thing, generally. Leah and Bella fought, each woman trying to get a hit on the other. It was known that they despised each other. Bella found that Leah was too much bitter, that all that anger made her bitchy. Leah found that Bella was just stupid, trying to deal with something she didn’t knew. Bella finally bit the she-wolf and Leah screamed with pain. Seeing that the vampire was busy, Jasper killed her, angry that Isabella hurt his sister-in-law. Seth was whining, trying to sooth his sister. The Wolves and the Vampires left for the Cullen’s.


When Leah woke up, she saw floods of blankets.

“What...?” She saw the head of her brother coming out a blanket.

“Leah! You’re awake!”

“No shit, Sherlock. Damn, she got me!” Carlisle greeted her and checked her up. One by one, the wolves woke up. After Carlisle told her to get easy for few weeks, Alice finally hugged her then kissed her.

“I was so worried!

“I’m tougher than you believe!”

“We know Leah, that doesn’t mean that we can’t be worried. You’re our friend, our sister.” Said Embry. Leah blushed. She wasn’t nice with him. She tousled his hair.

40-Wolf Pride

The Denali and the Bears left at Jacob’s great relief. Tanya was getting on his nerves. She was always trying to sweet-talk Edward.

“She’ll never be able to take me away from you. I love you.”

“I love you too. But next time she makes a move on you, I bit her ass!” Edward laughed.

“I would prefer if you were busy with my ass instead.” Jacob kissed his lover and nibbled his ear.

“Well, we, wolves, are very proud to be amazing lovers.”

“Amazing, huh?”

“Yeah! Do you want to put this affirmation to the test?” Jacob was right.

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