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[The Wolf and The Vampire] 41-45

Title: The Wolf and the Vampire
Couple: Jacob/Edward, Leah/Alice, Seth/Jasper, Quil/Embry
Prompt: 41 to 45
Word Count: 100 each
Rating: M

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The Wolf and The Vampire 36-40

41-“Tell me one thing, without a shadow of a doubt that you believe.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve never heard!” Men were rolling their eyes. Obviously, the women wanted to see a stupid romantic chick movie.

“My dear brother, how can you say that?” Alice asked to Emmett who started posing like a girl.

“Tell me one thing, without a shadow of a doubt that you believe.” He told in a girly voice. “That’s so stupid; you always have a tiny doubt. Period.”

“I don’t think the imprinting allows that...” Leah answered him. “But, we’re lucky to have chosen to love the right way and doubts or not, I’ll take it any day.”

42- Song: Sex U up by LFO

I wanna sex u up
I know the way you like it
Let me freak you out

Quil knew him better than anyone, particularly in bed. It was freaky how he could make him beg and whimper in few seconds and how Quil made it last forever.

‘And this bastard is enjoying it!’

Baby, I like the way you walk, the way you talk
And you, you are a mystery
Come on baby let me inside

Embry always liked little things. The way Quil smiled. The little funny face he made when he focused. He never regretted to love him.

43- Secret agent man

Emmett was on duty. He had a mission and no one and nothing could distract him from his mission. Humming the IMF theme, he walked stealthily to his prey’s hiding place.

“What are you doing here?” Damn! His prey found him! He tried to found a good excuse but nothing crossed his mind. Rosalie came closer, a sadistic smile on her face. “You know, you’re not very subtle for a secret agent...” She threw him on the bed and tied him. “I’m going to make you talk, secret agent man.” Rosalie purred. The only thing Emmett thought was ‘Hell yeah!’

44- It’s all about reading people

“It’s all about reading people.” He couldn’t believe Leah could tell him that. To him. The ‘mind-rapist’.

“How so?” She pointed a couple.

“See the man? He thinks he got her. His back is straight; he got the half-smile you’re so proud of and he’s got his hand on her side of the table, waiting for her to take it in hers. Now... in one minute top, she’ll probably found a way out.” 26 seconds later, she left the restaurant.

“I could have you tell that.”

“But it’s so funnier to bring out when others make complete fools of themselves.”

45- Alcohol

They didn't know what it was but the vampires were amused by the home-made alcohol their soul-mates drank. It made them... giggly. And horny. And the vampires just didn’t care anymore that their siblings could see them. The vampires had a compulsion to dominate their mate, one way or another. Leah was on her back, her legs on Alice’s shoulders who was tongue-fucking her. Jasper let Seth riding him (saving a horse) and he was himself fucking Jacob doggy style. Cliché, but his alpha needed to be dominate time to time. The red moon was shining brightly in the sky.
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