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"In My Father's Arms" [Jasper/Seth]

Title: In My Father's Arms
Couple: Jasper/Seth
Prompt: #53: cry
Word Count: 434


When will you be home?

There was nothing alarming about the message. Jasper got it at least three times when he went on an extended hunt. But for some reason this message made him stop and a frown grace his lips.

Everything alright? He typed.

Everything’s fine…just want you home. Jasper smiled at the message.

I’m on my way, maybe a couple more hours.

Good, be safe. Jasper read the message and then tucked his phone back into his pocket to resume his run. He pushed himself, wanting to get home to Seth and Luka as bad as they wanted him home. Maybe if Seth had warned him he wouldn’t have been in such a rush…

With his enhanced hearing he knew everything wasn’t fine the moment he stepped into their yard from the tree line. Luka was crying, screaming actually, at the top of his lungs. Jasper quickened his step, worried. The crying got louder when he opened the door and entered the house. Seth appeared from the kitchen just seconds later. His little wolf looked tired and frazzled.

“He hasn’t stopped,” Seth whined, looking desperate. “I’ve changed his diaper, I fed him, I tried to put him down for a nap but he wouldn’t have any of it. Help Jazz, please.”

Jasper frowned, trying to feel what had upset his son so much. When he got a trace of it, one eyebrow raised. “Luka,” he said. Luka kept screaming so he said his name again, a little louder this time. “Luka.” Slowly, Luka’s cries softened and his tearful golden eyes searched for his Papa. When Luka’s eyes met his own, Jasper smiled. “Hey little man, did you miss me?”

Tears immediately filled Luka’s eyes again and he started wiggling in Seth’s grasp, reaching out for Jasper. Seth let him go as Jasper slipped his hands under Luka’s arms and held him close. “He missed you…that’s why he’s been crying for hours?” Seth questioned.

“That’s why,” Jasper confirmed, the admission filling his heart with love for his son. He made soothing sounds and rubbed Luka’s back. “From what I can feel, he was scared that something had happened to me and that’s why I wasn’t around. Shhh, it’s okay little man, I’m home. I’m home my little Luka.” Jasper pressed a kiss to Luka’s temple and then one to Seth’s lips.

Luka was still sniffing but his cries had stopped and he was quickly giving into exhaustion. Everything was okay now, his Papa was home.

Tags: author: avari_maethor, couple: jasperxseth, genre: drama, genre: family, prompt 53: cry

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