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The Twilight Slash Drabbling Community

The Twilight Slash Prompt Community
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The concept of twislash_100 is to write a one hundred word drabble inspired by the prompt given weekly, featuring a slash or femslash couple from The Twilight Saga.


(*) You may use any couple so long as they are a same-sex couple, both slash and femslash are welcome.
(*) The drabbles, ideally, ought to be exactly one hundred words. But if you go a little over or a little under, don't panic. I'll only really start to bitch if the 'drabble' breaks five hundred words. I'm not counting the words, but I expect you to.
(*) Prompts are posted weekly on Monday unless otherwise stated by me. Writers have one week to write their drabbles and post them for that week's prompt.
(*) Every member does not have to write a drabble (but, we'd like to see you write some), but every writer must be a member. So remember to join the community.
(*) Multiple drabbles for one prompt are welcome and multiple prompts for one drabble are welcome, but try to keep it to no more than four prompts per drabble.
(*) When posting your drabble please use a header that includes a title, couple, prompt name AND number, and word count. Or you can copy and paste the header below if you choose not to do your own.

(*) Make sure your subject line includes your drabble's prompt name and number, couple, and title. Or you can just use the subject line I've provided below.

(*) No real person fiction (RPF), no original characters (OCs), no crossovers, and no het!!
(*) Drabble series are allowed so long as they all fit the prompt(s) given presently or previously.
(*) Feel free to write drabbles for previously given prompts.
(*) Use an lj-cut if you're posting two or more drabbles at once or if your drabble is sexually explicit or uses excessive bad language.
(*) Please make sure you tag your entries with a prompt tag, a couple tag, and a genre tag. If your couple or genre does not have a tag, please make a note in your entry and I will add a tag for that couple or genre.
(*) Author's will get an author's tag once they've written ten drabbles, but it is up to the author to keep count and notify me when they've reached ten drabbles and need a tag.

Previous Prompt List/Suggest a Prompt: here.
Tags' Page: here.
Want an Author's Tag? Go here.
Pimpin' Page: here.


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